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Around the Hoop: MEAC and IVY shock ACC

Let’s look ahead, shall we.  How many ACC teams are going to schedule mid-week, out-of-conference games against November-ish opponents next season?  Perhaps Boston College and Maryland thought their games against Harvard and Morgan State were merely organized scrimmages. 

How else do you explain BC coming home after upsetting “unbeatable” Carolina in Chapel Hill and losing to Ivy afterthought Harvard in Chestnut Hill?  Or Maryland giving up a lead on its home floor to MEAC’s Morgan State? 

One “bad” loss doesn’t make a season anymore than one “good” win.  But it’s certainly part of the team’s resume.  It’s also why BC and Maryland will likely be bubble teams two months from now.  Not because they lost, but because they are inconsistent.  Right now, it’s much easier to see both the Eagles and Terps hovering at 8-8 in the ACC rather than 10-6.  That could – and would – have a huge impact come league tournament time and Selection Sunday.

You can rightfully argue that who you beat is an important (perhaps the most important) part of at-large selection.  But if you’re on the bubble, involved in a war room Selection Committee discussion, such losses could give the group a reason to leave you out. 

BC and Maryland can make the missteps a bump in the road or a pothole that looms just over the hill.  That will be up to them.

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