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Carolina stays No. 1 on BV’s Power 24

Let the debate begin.  Yes, it was shocking to see Boston College win at North Carolina – and even more shocking to see Boston College lose at home to Harvard!  Quite a week for the Eagles.  Does that mean Harvard would beat UNC?  Very unlikely.  Which is just one of many reasons why Carolina remains the No. 1 team overall here at Bracketville.   A profile is not one game.  That said, the middle of our Field is becoming quite entangled – which isn’t unexpected.  Teams currently ranked 17-35 are all pretty close. 

The Power 24 is a reflection of both potential and substance.  A team’s overall profile, ability, and potential are better defined as the season progresses. 

Current Update:  Saturday, January 10

Next Update: Saturday, January 17

Moving in: Wisconsin | Moving out: Purdue

Our Power 24 …

  1. North Carolina – We still think Carolina is the best team. 
  2. Pittsburgh – Should be an easy week for the Panthers with South Florida and St. John’s coming to visit.
  3. Duke – The Blue Devils’ defense can be suffocating. 
  4. Connecticut – We’d say the Huskies handled their wake-up call from Georgetown pretty well by winning at West Virginia. 
  5. Oklahoma –  The showdown with Texas arrives on Big Monday.  Ironically, the Sooners’ profile look better in person than on paper.
  6. Michigan State – Spartans have won eight straight since Goran Suton’s return.  This is about where we figured MSU would end up.
  7. Syracuse – The trip to Georgetown will be a battle.  So far, the balanced Orange are a Hail Mary away from being unbeaten.
  8. Texas – If the Sooners can take a hit at Arkansas, we owe the same courtesy to the Longhorns.  This is a very talented team.
  9. Georgetown – The games don’t get easier for the Hoyas.  Syracuse comes to town this next week, followed by a trip to Duke.
  10. Clemson – Unbeaten Tigers have exceeded expectations and their wins are solid.   Back-to-back games with Wake and UNC lie ahead.
  11. Wake Forest – Quite a road win at BYU, ending the Cougars 53-game home winning streak.  The upcoming stretch – UNC, @BC, and @Clemson will tell us a lot.
  12. UCLA – The Bruins are holding their own.  But just how good are they? That is an answer we really don’t know.
  13. Xavier – Good bounceback at Virginia.  And just in time.  The Muskies open A-10 play with four of five on the road.
  14. Notre Dame – The Irish can be very good (Texas, Georgetown).  They can also struggle when 3-pointers aren’t falling.
  15. Memphis – The Tigers don’t have great wins, but they’re solid and could easily run away with Conference USA.
  16. Gonzaga – The comeback at Tennessee was huge.  If you look past Portland State (which the Zags did), the Bulldogs have a pretty solid resume.  A commitment to defense and rebounding are key.
  17. Michigan – Credit the remade Wolverines for finding a way to win at Indiana.  Manny Harris might be the Big 10’s best player.
  18. Marquette  – We still think the Golden Eagles may struggle against bigger Big East teams, but they’ve shown toughness and tenacity. 
  19. Wisconsin – Watching the Badgers isn’t always fun, but their basics are solid.  Big game at Purdue is next, followed by a home date with Minnesota.
  20. Arizona State – Slowly, ASU is making it’s case.  With a three game road swing through USC, UCLA, and Arizona on the horizon, it’s all on the table.
  21. Louisville– At this point, the jury is still out on the Cards.  After a trip to Villanova, Notre Dame and Pitt come to Freedom Hall. 
  22. Baylor – The Bears are 1-1 in games that matter.  That’s not a lot of beef.  They could be passed very soon.
  23. Illinois –  Overall, the Illini’s resume is still suspect.  In a schedule quirk, they get a quick rematch with Michigan.
  24. Tennessee – The Vols have lost two tough ones (@Kansas, Gonzaga).  We still think they’re the team to beat in the SEC.

Knocking on the door:  Purdue, Butler, Villanova, West Virginia, California, Minnesota, Arkansas, UNLV.

Thanks for your joining us here at Bracketville –  Bracketguy.

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