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Bracket update … Watching the top line

As we unveil our latest bracket we’re two weeks into the conference season.  And certainly we’ve had some early surprises.  The operative word is, however, is early.  Sure, no one expected North Carolina to be 0-2 in the ACC.   Of course, you could have said the same for Purdue (the Big 10’s preseason favorite) before Sunday’s convincing win over Wisconsin.  It wasn’t long ago many thought Georgetown’s victory at Connecticut meant the Huskies were in trouble.  Oh, how things can change.

That’s why we at Bracketville try to exercise a bit more patience than pollsters, and account for not only a team’s resume to date, but also evaluate overall performance and expectation.  Our newest bracket (1/12) is now posted in Bracketology

Even with the loss at Wake Forest, we still consider North Carolina one of the favorites to earn a No. 1 seed.  That’s why they remain on the top line – for now  –their margin is very thin.  Credit Wake Forest with an important home victory.  But would it shock anyone if the ACC title holder has three or four losses in March?  So let’s not crown a champion just yet.  Or become too obsessed with the top line two weeks into January.   The margin separating teams is still thin and bouncing teams up and down based on one game or one week isn’t a meaningful practice.  Why, it was only a week ago you might have found Boston College as high as a five seed in some places.  Based on one win.  Since, they’ve lost to Harvard and Miami at home.

Actually, the middle and bottom of the bracket are most interesting.  The next two or three weeks will help define those in solid NCAA position and those likely destined for a month of bubble banter.  It should be a lot of fun.  We’ll have more thoughts as the week progresses.  Have thoughts or opinions?  Please send us a rebound – Bracketguy.

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