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Newest Power 24 reveals a Devil-ish twist …

That’s right.  Duke has taken the No. 1 spot in a very tight race.  The Power 24 here at Bracketville is a reflection of a team’s overall profile along with performance potential.  We also use the important “eye test” to evaluate what we see.  Check back each Saturday for updates.

Current Update:  Saturday, January 24

Next Update: Saturday, January 31

Moving in: Kentucky | Moving out: Michigan

Our Power 24 …

  1. Duke – Tough call, but the Blue Devils have the profile to match.
  2. Pittsburgh – We still think the Panthers are tough as nails.
  3. Connecticut – The Huskies are getting more consistent perimeter play, with their size that presents problems.
  4. Wake Forest – The Deacons have proven a lot away from home, which means more than the hiccup with Virginia Tech.  How Wake handles being a target is up for debate.
  5. North Carolina –  We’re still not seeing any lock-down defense from the Tar Heels, but there’s little wrong with their scoring punch.
  6. Oklahoma – The Sooners have been very good. 
  7. Syracuse – The drop-off starts here.  We know the Orange are solid. What we don’t know is how different they are from any of the next 10 teams.
  8. Louisville – Even after a good week, we place the Cards here more on potential than substance.  All of the damage has been at home.
  9. Clemson – Tigers are once again at a crossroads.  They misfired on the big back-to-back (Wake, UNC).   We still think they’re good enough to stay in this range.
  10. Michigan State – We knew the Spartans’ 11-game winning streak would come to an end – just not at home to Northwestern. 
  11. Georgetown – The Hoyas have played the No. 1 schedule (SOS) in the country.   Give them some props.
  12. Texas – We still think the potential is there for the ‘Horns to become very dangerous in the next month.  But the window is shrinking.
  13. Marquette – Why not higher for the Golden Eagles? Let’s just say we’re not sure how the big boy bumps ahead will pan out.
  14. Arizona State – The Sun Devils have shown some toughness in tight spots – winning two big road games. 
  15. Xavier – Muskies keep rolling along.  Unfortunately, the Atlantic 10 offers more pitfalls than “up” games.  Big game at LSU.
  16. Gonzaga – Gonzaga has two good non-league games left.  Win those, and climbing isn’t out of the question.  As expected, the WCC has offered little resistance and the wins will pile up.
  17. Memphis – Remaining road games at Tennessee and Gonzaga will more likely determine how the Tigers’ fare with seeding. 
  18. UCLA  – Time to admit that this version of the Bruins is good, but not great.  And that doesn’t appear likely to change.
  19. Purdue – The Boilermakers are starting to gel and look more like the team we anticipated.  That and a bunch of road wins gives them a bump.
  20. Kentucky – Results still pending, the “eye test” says UK is playing very well and we see that continuing.
  21. Illinois– Defense isn’t a problem for the Illini.  Consistent offense and a go-to-guy can be, along with rebounding.
  22. Notre Dame – Once again the Irish are great at home and not-so-much on the road. 
  23. California –  Let’s see how the Bears handle this tough stretch. 
  24. Minnesota – We’re not counting out the Gophers just yet, but like the Illini, scoring doesn’t always come easy.

Knocking on the door:  Tennessee, Kansas, Butler, Baylor, West Virginia, Miami-FL, Davidson, Villanova

Thanks for your joining us here at Bracketville –  Bracketguy.

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