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Bracket Update: Middle-muddled as January fades

We’re starting to verify the contenders for No. 1 seeds.   The remaining Field of 65 is much less predictable or solidified.  As we approach the end of January – Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Michigan State, North Carolina, and even Duke are about where we expected.   Seed lines 3-10 are much less qualified.  Balancing performance and potential is starting to sway toward performance.  That will continue to evolve as we reach the halfway point of conference play.

The January 26 bracket is now posted in Bracketology.  We also announce that starting this week, we plan to update the Bracket on Monday and early Saturday.

As you’ll read in our notes … the middle seeds are particularly muddled.  Conference conflicts, bracketing rules, and very little separation means there simply isn’t much difference between seeds 7-10 (this is the case most years, including the actual final NCAA bracket).  So don’t read much into one line from another.  Within our potential/performance evalution, we have to look at teams like Notre Dame, Florida State, Baylor, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Davidson, and Washington using as much – if not more – potential than performance.  All of their profiles have holes, some more gaping than others. 

The bubble is actually weak at the moment – particularly with mid-major hopefuls.  It’s possible we could see single bids from the Missouri Valley, Atlantic 10 and the WAC.  That opens the door for an improved, but not great Big 10 … and Big 12 to grab up extra bids.  Same for the Pac-10 and SEC.  As always, send us a rebound – Bracketguy.

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