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Tar Heels return to No. 1 line in BV’s latest Bracketology

It’s not surprising that we find North Carolina back atop the latest bracket projection here at Bracketville – February 6, 2009.  What is surprising is that the Tar Heels backed into it.  Recent slips by Duke and Wake Forest, in particular, pushed UNC back on the top line.   Since we use both performance and projection to select and seed the field, we also anticipate the Tar Heels finishing as ACC champion.  Especially if they decide defense is a priority.

View the February 6 bracket projection.

We find that Miami-FL, Utah, Northwestern, Penn State and San Diego State are the last five in right now.  With Michgan, St. Mary’s, Texas A&M, Baylor, and BYU the first five out.  We’re also tracking Arizona, Oklahoma State, Providence, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, St. Joseph’s, Kansas State, Notre Dame and Tulsa on the bubble.

Remember to check in Bubble Banter for updates regarding bubble teams.  Have thoughts about our current seeding selections?  Send us a Rebound.  The final month will be a lot of fun.  Tell your friends to come along – Bracketguy.

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