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Around the Rim: Bubbles may begin bursting

Ahead of our next Bracket Projection this evening, we find that our list of bubble teams is growing rather than shrinking and that some bubbles may be about to pop. It simply wasn’t a good week for some teams on the edge …

Virginia Tech lost at Virginia …. UNLV lost at Wyoming … Providence lost at Louisville (certainly acceptible) … Minnesota lost at Michigan and find themselves in a skid … Butler lost at Wisconsin-Milwaukee … Miami lost (again) at Florida State …. Maryland got blown out (again) at Clemson … Notre Dame lost (again) …. at West Virginia …. Kentucky lost at Vanderbilt (without Patrick Patterson) …. and South Carolina lost at Mississippi State.

Does anyone want the final at-large spots? Of course, and we seem to go through this every year. But it’s shaping up as if the conference tournaments will hold a lot of weight.

Bubble teams who did benefit this week …. Penn State, despite the brickfest at Illinois (scores aren’t supposed to matter) …. Michigan won again at home (Minnesota) …. USC won a home game over Washington State … West Virginia handled Notre Dame … Georgetown staved off elimination at South Florida …. Temple beat Fordham (you’d hope) …. and Texas A&M beat Texas at home. Oh, and just for fun … Northwestern won another Top 50 RPI game by beating Ohio State.

Within the non-bubbles, Xavier’s loss at Charlotte will hurt hopes of being a 3-weed. I would expect the Muskateers now to fall on the 4-5 line unless they really slump. Purdue looked healthy in dominating Michigan State. Wake Forest seemed more explosive, but should have with Georgia Tech.

As for BracketBusters – which start tonight – Butler and Davidson has lost some fanfare. But should still be a good and important game for both. Maybe even more important given recent developments.

More later. Again, the new bracket will be out later today. – Dave the Bracketguy.

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