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ACC / Big 10 Challenge: Who wins?

Maybe this is normal.  There sure has been great interest in the 2009 ACC/Big 10 Challenge.  So the question is, who wins?  Before you answer, consider that the Big 10 has never won this event.  There are 11 games and the ACC has managed to win at least six every year since the series began.  Is 2009 different?  I’d have to say … yes.

Here is a matchup of each pairing and who has the EDGE:

  • Virginia @ Penn State  |  EDGE: Penn State (slight)
  • Maryland @ Indiana    |  EDGE: Maryland (moderate)
  • Michigan State @ North Carolina  |  EDGE: Michigan State (slight)
  • Northwestern @ NC State  |  EDGE: NC State (slight)
  • Virginia Tech @ Iowa  | EDGE: Va. Tech (slight)
  • Wake Forest @ Purdue  |  EDGE: Purdue (moderate)
  • Boston College @ Michigan  |  EDGE: Michigan (moderate)
  • Duke @ Wisconsin  |  EDGE: Duke (moderate)
  • Florida State @ Ohio State  |  EDGE:  Ohio State (moderate)
  • Illinois @ Clemson  |  EDGE: Clemson (slight)
  • Minnesota @ Miami-FL  |  EDGE:  Minnesota (slight)

Add these up and we have a one-game edge (6-5) in favor of the Big 10.  After years of being a step-child to the depth of the ACC, this year’s Big 10 should have an edge.  While Iowa and Indiana have struggled, the middle games favor Big 10 teams.  If MSU and UNC cancel each other out, then Purdue over Wake is a one-up for the Midwest.  Have any thoughts?  Send a rebound.

In terms of NCAA resumes, Wisconsin, Florida State, NC State, Northwestern, Wake Forest, and Boston College are the teams we anticipate being on or near the bubble come March.  Therefore, these types of wins/losses could become a point of discussion at NCAA headquarters.  While the national title-game rematch between the Spartans and Tar Heels is the most eye-catching, don’t be surprised if the Illinois-Clemson matchup is equally thrilling – this year’s Illini like to run up and down the floor – could be a track meet.  Enjoy the games.

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