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Note to Big Ten: Send thanks to Illinois, Wisconsin …

As teams in the Big Ten Conference celebrate their first-ever ACC-Big 10 Challenge title (it took, ironically, 11 tries), the league might want to consider sending quick thank-you notes to Illinois and Wisconsin.  For starters, the young Illini – fresh off two stumbles in Las Vegas – rallied from 23 points down on the road in the second half to nip Clemson.  It’s especially interesting given that Illinois gave up a 16-point halftime lead in Vegas to Utah.  For seconds, the Badgers – picked 9th in the Big Ten – upset Duke at home.  The Kohl Center is a tough venue for anyone, but remember that until Wednesday night, the Blue Devils had never lost a game in the series.  If you had tried to predict games – which we did – it would have been difficult to suggest that both Illinois and Wisconsin would claim victories given location and opponent.

In other quick notes … Michigan continues to struggle.  The Wolverines should have handled Boston College at home.  Minnesota is also hurting – both on and off the court.  Miami is performing better than expected.  Carolina will be tough if they continue to get good guard play.  Duke is still looking for a consistent inside presence. Ohio State will compete with Michigan State and Purdue.  The jury is still out on Florida State.  Same for Maryland, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech.  Maybe even for Penn State.  A weekend look-ahead on Friday.  As always, send a Rebound.

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