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Countdown to March: KU tops first bracket of 2010

Welcome to Bracketville

A countdown to March Madness: welcome to college hoops once the calendar turns.  Fans and fanatics begin the trek toward Selection Sunday. Is my team “in” or “out’?  What’s my team’s seed?  The first Monday in January is when bracket projecting gets more than a passing glance. 

As you take a look at our January 4 Bracket Projection, keep three things in mind … 1) Teams are selected and seeded based on both current performance and anticipated potential at the time the bracket is done.  The bracket is not based on if the season ended today. For example, Oregon doesn’t receive an automatic bid from the Pac-10 after two games.  Washington is still our projected winner …2) Performance will outweigh potential as the season progresses. … 3) The bracket is very fluid at this point so don’t get too caught up in seeding.  Many resumes look identical; it’s why we use potential to help configure our projections.

Some additional thoughts … USC was being projected as an NCAA team until Sunday’s announcement that the Trojans had self-imposed a post-season ban for the 2010 NCAAs.  Kansas is the overall No. 1 seed – a spot the Jayhawks have held since our preseason projection in November.  The No. 1 seeds on January 4 … Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, and Syracuse.  As for the last five in … St. Mary’s, BYU, Xavier, Virginia Commonwealth (VCU), and Mississippi State.  The first five out … Missouri, Miami-FL, Louisville, Wichita State, Northwestern.

The countdown has begun.  Welcome to everyone who linked from NBC Sports.  What an exciting opportunity.  There’s sure to be plenty of debate and discussion.  As always, please send a rebound.

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