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Bubble Banter: Lots of questions in Big East / A-10

Bubble Banter

The one problem with updating Bubble Banter is that it’s always a few hours away from being outdated.  That said, the latest edition is now available for review – for games played through Tuesday, February 23.

February 24 Bubble Banter

Both the Big East and Atlantic 10 continue to offer the most questions.   We clearly have two well defined groups in each league.  You have the Big East heavyweights and then a large group (7) of teams whose future remains uncertain.  Certainly, Connecticut helped itself the most with recent wins over Villanova and West Virginia, but the Huskies can’t let up.  In the A-10, Temple, Xavier and Richmond are in great shape.  Then you have  an interesting group comprised of Charlotte, Dayton, Rhode Island and St. Louis.  Should be an interesting A-10 tournament.  The ACC has five (5) teams on the bubble, but at this point there isn’t the quite the same sence of urgency.

Overall, we are projecting 20 locks and another 8 teams that should be in.   There are 36 teams currently on the bubble.  Depending on this week’s results, we could see some drastic changes in how those numbers look by next Wednesday.  Several teams are close to moving up (and off) the bubble, while others are close to falling off.  Take a look.  Rebounds are always welcome.

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