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March 1 Bracket: Madness begins with the Big East …

Welcome to Bracketville

March Madness has begun.  Just look at this past weekend in college hoops – and that was late February.  With just under two weeks until Selection Sunday, Duke replaces Purdue as our final No. 1 seed.   No change in the other top positions:  Kansas remains No. 1 overall followed by Syracuse and Kentucky.  The gap between KU and ‘Cuse is closing, however, and Kansas State is nipping at Duke’s heels.  What else is new?  For starters … nine (9) Big East teams currently project in the Field – meaning it’s possible two conference foes would meet before a Regional Final.   In this bracket, Louisville is an 8-seed and Notre Dame a 12-seed in the Midwest.

March 1 Bracket Projection.

The lower end of the bracket continues to be filled with teams resembling Swiss cheese.  Take a look at our Last Five IN … Illinois, St. Mary’s, UAB, Notre Dame, Dayton.  Anyone feel truly confident that all five will stay?  That said, their prospects are slightly better than our First Five OUT … Charlotte, Rhode Island, Mississippi State, San Diego State, and Minnesota.  Dayton makes it in primarily on its strength of schedule.  The Flyers challenged themselves with non-conference games against … Villanova, Kansas State, New Mexico and Georgia Tech – beating the Yellow Jackets, losing at UNM by two, and playing both Wildcats to single digits.

What other teams still have work to do?  Consider these … Virginia Tech, Florida State, Connecticut, and Georgia Tech.  You can also throw in Clemson and Florida.  No gliding to the finish.  Outside looking in … of San Diego State’s 18 (D-1) wins, 15 have come to teams outside the RPI Top 100.  Mississippi State has beaten just one projected (at-large) NCAA team.   Both Charlotte and Rhode Island chose bad times to lose games they should have won. 

Our next bracket update will be Thursday, March 4.  As conference tournaments get underway this week, check out the Conference Tourney’s page.  I’ll have some updates as they progress.  Also … a new Bubble Banter will be posted Wednesday night.   Expect lots of changes.  Rebounds are always welcome.  Should be quite a ride these next two weeks.

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