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Latest Bubble Banter: Moving toward the Dance …


While a number of teams are trying to play their way onto or off the NCAA bubble, let’s give a quick congrats to the following schools who’ve put themselves into the Dance …  Xavier, Richmond, Baylor, Texas A&M and Tennessee are now Locks.  We also recognize … Maryland, Oklahoma State, Clemson and Marquette for vaulting forward as part of those who Should Be In.    In all, 33 teams are now securely in the Field of 65.  A lot more will be added during Championship Week.

March 3 Bubble Banter

Overall, there are 31 automatic bids and 34 at-large spots available.  A quick break down of our Bubble Math reveals that 54 spots in the Field of 65 are taken.   That leaves 11 remaining spots for 29 bubble teams.  We may lose a few more bubble teams by this weekend.  We might also add one or two in the coming week as conference tournments gain momentum.

The Big East (5) and Atlantic 10 (4) have the most bubble representatives.  Several play each other this week and upcoming weekend.  I will try and update the Bubble picture again Friday night into Saturday.  You can follow conference tournament action under Conference Tourneys.  Previews of larger conference tournaments will be posted early next week once the brackets are finalized.  Rebounds are always welcome.

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