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March 8 Bracket Update: Championship Week hits full stride

Welcome to Bracketville

NOTE:  Bracket updated at 12:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 10 … for games played through Tuesday, March 9.  Nothing changed with teams in the field.  Next full update will be Saturday, March 13 (change to include Friday’s games).

Welcome to Championship Week.  We’re less than a week away from putting aside bracket projections and talking about the actual bracket.  As the NCAA Selection Committee arrives in Indianapolis mid-week, they’ll have a lot of work ahead.   Depending on what each Committee member values most (quality wins, road wins, strength of schedule, etc), the final teams selected could vary greatly among the men and women tasked with putting together the Field of 65.   As for our latest bracket update, the Pac-10 makes a resurgence as Washington and Arizona State are among the Last 5 in …

March 10 Bracket Projection | Updated from Monday.

A lot can still change this week.  Butler could lose in the Horizon league final.  Old Dominion could also fall.  What if UTEP loses to someone other than Memphis or UAB?  Could Conference USA earn 3 spots?   As Championship Week hits full stride, buckle up your safety belt.  It figures to be a wild ride.  Next bracket update is Wednesday, March 10

West Virginia takes over as our final No. 1 seed.  Ohio State or Purdue could end up on the top line as well.  So could Duke.  Someone could make a good argument for any of the above.  Villanova isn’t out of it yet, either.  Kansas State probably is.  This will be worked out during conference tournament play.   For today:  Last 5 IN … Georgia Tech, San Diego State, Washington, Arizona State, Memphis.   First 5 OUT … Illinois, Seton Hall, South Florida, UAB, and Mississippi.

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