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2010 Bracket Projection Results …

Welcome to Bracketville

Thanks for another great regular NCAA season here at Bracketville.  This was my second year online.  I’ve been doing this as a hobby for about 10 years – sorta stopped counting.   It’s a labor of fun.  Special thanks to Mike Miller and NBC Sports for asking me to partner with their NCAA tournament efforts this year.  It made for a fun ride throughout the season.  I also appreciate all the comments and interested folks who stopped by Bracketville and offered up comments for debate.

Here is how my final effort compared to the actual Field of 65.  See … FINAL 2010 BRACKET PROJECTION

  • Correctly identified all 34 at-large teams for the first time.  (I don’t count automatic bids).  Pleased – and fortunate – it worked out this year after being close (missing one) several times.
  • I had 33 teams on the actual (correct) seed line.
  • I had another 28 teams within one seed of acutal.
  • Combined … I had 61 of the 65 teams either on their actual seed or within one.
  • Here are the teams I missed by two seed lines … California (10 vs. actual 8);  Marquette (8 vs. actual 6);  Clemson (9 vs. actual 7);  Florida (12 vs. actual 10)
  • I had three of the No. 1 seeds correct – missed West Virgina instead of Duke.  Not sure I agree, but reasonable minds can have different opinions.  My final No. 1 seeds were ranked: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse and West Virginia.
  • Update (3/17):  Tied with Bracket Madness/Washington Post for most accurate bracket prediction (Bracket Project).

I’ll put together some picks for the upcoming NCAA Tournament this week – ahead of Thursday’s games.  I’ll be watching games on Thursday and Friday.  I may put together some columns and I’ll be on Twitter.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my blog.  If you have suggestions, please send a rebound.

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