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March 14 Bracket Update: Tense Selection Sunday for some

Welcome to Bracketville

It’s going to be a disappointing day for a few bubble teams on this Selection Sunday.  UTEP and Utah State both lost their conference tournament finals.  San Diego State made it official by winning the Mountain West.  Minnesota thumped Purdue in the Big 10.  Mississippi State is still alive in the SEC – awaiting a game with Kentucky today. 

MARCH 14 Bracket Projection | Posted 8:00 a.m. (ET).   Final Bracket will be posted about 5:00 p.m. today.

Here’s the list of most nervous candidates … Illinois, Virginia Tech, Florida, UTEP, Utah State, and Rhode Island … add in Minnesota and Mississippi State if they lose in the conference tournament finals.  It really comes down to eight teams for four spots (two if Minnesota and Missisippi State win).  Then, it’s a matter of what each Committee Member values most during the on-going voting process.  If they reward regular-season championships then UTEP and Utah State should be okay.  If more members prefer “quality” wins, then Illinois gets a boost.  If they choose to penalize a team for a poor non-conference effort, then Virginia Tech will suffer the same fate as Penn State last year – perhaps Miss State, too.

Further review today … but as of now, the Last 5 In  … Wake Forest, Utah State, UTEP, Minnesota, and Florida.  I’ll be updating Bubble Banter after lunch today.  We’re almost there.

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