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How did we do in 2011?

Welcome to Bracketville

Now that the actual brackets have been revealed, time to take a quick look at our results.  With three extra teams and a weak bubble, it was interesting to see how the Committee would handle teams like USC, Alabama, UAB, VCU, Virginia Tech, Clemson, St. Mary’s, and Colorado.  Two things became evident … UAB was rewarded for winning the regular season Conference USA title, and Colorado was left out because of its non-conference strength of schedule. 

Our Final 2011 Bracket Projection.

After correctly selecting all 65 teams in 2010, I missed two – UAB and VCU- this year.   My final bracket had Virginia Tech and Colorado in the Field of 68, with UAB and VCU listed among the Last 5 out.  VCU was a tough decision, as the Rams had beaten George Mason and Old Dominion in the Colonial, and UCLA on a neutral court.  A late slide to close the CAA regular season and fourth-place finish led me to think VCU would fall a little short.  Not unhappy with the Committee’s decision, however.  UAB is a little more interesting, as the Blazers didn’t have the quality wins of other bubble teams.  May have been UAB’s final RPI (31).

The final breakdown …

  • Correctly projected 35 of 37 at-large teams.
  • Had 32 teams on their correct seed line.
  • Had another 22 within one (+/-) of their correct seed.
  • That makes a total of 54 either on their seed line or within one.
  • Had all four No. 1 seeds correct.
  • Another 9 were within 2 of actual seed.  Only one was more off (Missouri – 8 in our bracket 11 in actual).
  • Surprised by a few of the actual seeds; particularly Florida, Texas, Missouri, and several Big 10 teams.

Thanks for another great season.  Now, it’s time to enjoy March Madness.  Some observations and interesting matchups coming soon.

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