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February 13 bracket: Tigers find a Missouri Valentine’s Day present

With Valentines’ Day ahead on Tuesday, the Missouri Tigers will love their latest placement in our projected NCAA tournament bracket.  Mizzou moves into the Midwest Region in nearby St. Louis.  If Tiger fans are so inclined, they can send a thank-you note to the Spartans in East Lansing.  Michigan State knocked off Ohio State in Columbus and bumped the Buckeyes out West.  Kansas is right behind, and OSU and KU are 1-2 in the West Region.  If you have a different order, that’s fine; it was a close call.  Next up are Duke, Michigan State and North Carolina on the two-line.

February 13 Bracket Projection

Schedule of key games.

The middle of the bracket is a seeding nightmare.  There simply isn’t a lot of difference in teams slotted between lines 6 to 8; or for that matter, teams seeded between 8 and 11.  Expect to see changes and movement in these lines over the next two or three weeks.  In fact, we had to move several teams one line in the bracket to accommodate correct principles and avoid regular-season rematches.  All in a day’s work.

The bubble remains weak, and that helps teams like Illinois and West Virginia work through losing skids.  When comparing resumes, quality wins help separate teams, and several Big Ten and Big East teams, in particular, have more quality wins than others on the bubble.  As a reminder, a team’s performance in its last 12 games is no longer an official stat used by the Selection Committee.

Enjoy a great week of hoops!  I’ll be at the NCAA Mock Selection event in Indianapolis on Thursday and Friday.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the process works first-hand, and how those of us attending work through selection and seeding in our current landscape.

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