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Final Bracket Projection review: How did we do?

Now that the actual brackets have been revealed, how did we fare in 2012?

Given the size and scope of this year’s bubble, I anticipated missing a couple.  Which is exactly where we ended – correctly selecting 35 of the 37 at-large teams and 66 of 68 overall.  Those I missed: BYU and Iona.  Our final bracket projection had Seton Hall and Drexel in the Field of 68.

The men and women on this year’s Selection Committee had many difficult choices to make, and the final selections could have easily varied.  Oral Roberts and Middle Tennessee State were two other mid-majors under serious consideration.  Drexel’s non-conference schedule ultimately doomed the Dragons.  Given that two of Drexel’s “bad” losses came when Chris Fouch was injured – and two more losses occurred in the first two games he was back – I thought the Dragons’ 19-game winning streak might be enough to push them into the field.   Nothing wrong with the BYU choice.  They were ultimately bumped from our final bracket projection when St. Bonaventure won the A-10 tournament. 

When it came to seeding the field, we had 35 teams on their correct seed line and another 24 within one of their actual seed.  That’s a total of 59 teams either on their correct seed line or within one.  Not our best outcome, but still solid.  We had seven teams that were two seed lines off, and we missed two (mentioned above).  That gave us a Paymon Score at The Bracket Project of 327 – which is still our highest since moving online in 2009.  Before the 2011-2012 season began, Bracketville ranked first among bracketologists.  We’ll see where we stand after this year’s results are finalized.

Most of all, I would like to thank everyone who took time to participate, visit Bracketville, and join in the fun of the NCAA tournament selection process.  I also want to thank Mike Miller and the team at NBCSports.com for their continued partnership and support.  I learned a lot at the NCAA Mock selection process and hopefully passed along some information that you found helpful.  Debating teams and resumes is all part of the fun.  Enjoy March Madness – it’s the best three weeks of the year.  I’ll have some thoughts about the First Four games and the overall bracket coming soon.

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