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Quick recap: Results from 2013 projections …

dave1Congratulations to the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State on being selected for an at-large spot in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.  In a rare move (based on selection history), the Committee looked beyond “win” numbers and included a team that scheduled well and ran through it’s conference season before an upset in the league tourney.  As I noted earlier in the day Sunday, such a decision would be appreciated.  Now, such moves have not been commonplace.  More often than not, RPI win totals surpass victories over largely inferior competition – regardless of how the numbers add up.  Having been through this a time or two, we’ve seen teams with equal or even better resumes (than MTSU’s this year) be left holding a bid to the NIT.  So was it somewhat surprising?  Yes.  Whether it becomes a trend remains to be seen.

As a quick recap on our final bracket … 67 of 68 teams were correctly identified (thus 36 of 37 at-large teams).  The one miss was Middle Tennessee.  I had Tennessee in the bracket instead.  The rest of the numbers look like this:  32 teams on the correct seed line and another 29 within one seed of actual.  Combined, that is 61 of the 68 teams either on their actual seed line or within one.  Four others were within two of their actual seed.  Oregon as a 12 seed was the wildcard and would be my one – where did that come from? – reaction to the bracket.

Again, thanks for your interest in Bracketville and your participation.  The journeys and conversations along the way make it enjoyable.  Here’s to a great tournament!

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