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Bracket update: Arizona slotted as No. 1 overall seed

dave1We’ve reached mid-December: which means teams are making their final non-conference push and preparing for a full slate of conference games.  Sounds like a good time for a quick bracket update.

Arizona is slotted as the No. 1 overall seed.  The Wildcats have put together a solid non-conference resume that includes road wins at San Diego State and Michigan, and a neutral court victory over Duke.  Wisconsin, the top seed in the South Region, may have the most complete pre-conference resume.  The Badgers have put together an impressive stretch.  The other top seeds in our first in-season bracket: Syracuse and Louisville.

December 17 Bracket Projection

Current S-Curve

A couple of quick notes about the bracket: 

  • The overall body of work for teams remains relatively small – so s-curve slots continue to ebb and flow.  A single significant victory (especially on the road) has a greater impact on the rankings now than it will in two months.
  • We still don’t know much about a few teams.  Pittsburgh is one example.  The Panthers have looked dominant, but they have not beaten a team in the current field and have played only two games against teams among the Top 100 on the current s-curve.
  • BYU is the only team to move a seed line (from a true 11 to a 12 in the South).  Remember: BYU must be slotted in Thursday-Saturday sites only; sometimes that creates a situation where the Cougars have to move.  The NCAA adjusted its bracketing procedures for the 2014 season (and beyond) to help the Selection Committee keep more teams as close to their true seed as possible.

I expect additional movement – especially at the bottom of the bracket – when regular (weekly) bracket updates begin in January.  Enjoy the upcoming season of Holiday hoops.

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