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Christmas S-Curve Update: Arizona holds No. 1 spot

dave1If our latest s-curve rankings were Christmas presents, Arizona, Syracuse, Louisville, and Wisconsin would receive Santa’s best in 2013.  The Wildcats, Orange, Cardinals, and Badgers hold the top four spots on the seed list and would be No. 1 seeds if we were publishing a new bracket.  Nothing new from December 17.

Current S-curve update

Which teams found one of the final at-large gifts?  George Washington, Cincinnati, Butler, Illinois, and Oklahoma.  As of Christmas Eve, those are the Last 5 IN (at-large) on the seed list.

By contrast, these five teams would find their stocking stuffed with a First 5 OUT certificate:  Marquette, Arizona State, Notre Dame, Indiana, and Xavier.  They are followed (next 5 OUT) by California, Saint Mary’s, Boise State, Utah, and SMU.

This time next week, conference action begins across the country.  Ultimately, those games will be among the most important come Selection Sunday.  What the non-conference schedule provides is an opportunity to build a resume that extends beyond the conference season.  Teams that accomplished little (or played a weak schedule) in November and December have less margin for error in league play.

The overall s-curve is still fluid.  Teams climb or fall several spots based on significant wins (or losses).  And let’s be honest, it’s still hard to fully determine quality wins and/or bad losses because we have two-plus months remaining in the season.  A victory that looks good now may not be as impressive in February and vice-versa.  Regular bracket updates begin in January, and the s-curve will be posted with each update (some additional updates in February and March).

Enjoy the Holidays!  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Safe travels and blessings.

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