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Inside the Bracket: Final results for 2014

dave1The NCAA tournament bracket has been released and we’ll all spend a couple of days mulling over picks and upsets in preparation for the opening tip of March Madness.  It’s going to be a fun three weeks.

I’ll share a few thoughts the tournament soon.  But first, here’s a quick peek at how we fared in 2014:

  • Selected 35 of 36 at-large teams correctly (67 of 68 overall).
  • 40 teams were listed on their correct seed line.
  • 20 teams were listed within one seed line of actual (+/-)
  • 7 teams were listed within two seed lines of actual (+/-)
  • 60 of the 67 teams selected in our final projection were either listed on the correct seed line or within one spot of their actual seed.
  • The one team missed: SMU.  The Selection Committee chose NC State for its final spot in the bracket.  I’m not at all shocked that SMU was left out.  A non-conference strength of schedule around 300 has proven costly for several teams over the years.  The primary reason why SMU held its spot: four tournament-level wins and an overall weak bubble pool.

Thanks again for following along.  I appreciate your support and feedback.  It’s what makes the Blog fun.  One of these years I would love to try putting together a “fan” bracket using the same principles as the Committee.  Maybe we can get that done.

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