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Inside the Bracket: Picks for 2014 March Madness

dave1I forgot to post these the other day and was asked about it.  So here’s how I picked the Field of 64 by Region.  If I’ve learned anything in recent years, I’m better at projecting brackets than predicting results.  Proceed with caution.

South Region

I have Florida coming out of the South as the No. 1 seed and advancing to the Final Four.

  • Round of 64 – Florida over Albany; Pittsburgh over Colorado; VCU over S.F. Austin; UCLA over Tulsa; Ohio State over Dayton; Western Michigan over Syracuse; New Mexico over Stanford; Kansas over Eastern Kentucky
  • Round of 32 – Florida over Pittsburgh; UCLA over VCU; Ohio State over Western Michigan; Kansas over New Mexico
  • Sweet 16 – Florida over UCLA; Kansas over Ohio State
  • Elite 8 – Florida over Kansas

West Region

I have Arizona coming out of the West as the No. 1 seed and advancing to the Final Four.

  • Round of 64 – Arizona over Weber State; Oklahoma State over Gonzaga; Oklahoma over No Dakota State; San Diego State over New Mexico State; Baylor over Nebraska; Creighton over La-Lafayette; Oregon over BYU, Wisconsin over American
  • Round of 32 – Arizona over Oklahoma State; Oklahoma over San Diego State; Creighton over Baylor; Wisconsin over Oregon
  • Sweet 16 – Arizona over Oklahoma; Creighton over Wisconsin
  • Elite 8 – Arizona over Creighton

Midwest Region

I have Louisville coming out of the Midwest as the No. 4 seed and advancing to the Final Four.

  • Round of 64 – Wichita State over Cal-Poly; Kentucky over Kansas State; NC State over Saint Louis; Louisville over Manhattan; Tennessee over UMass; Duke over Mercer; Texas over Arizona State; Michigan over Wofford
  • Round of 32 – Wichita State over Kentucky; Louisville over NC State; Duke over Tennessee; Michigan over Texas
  • Sweet 16 – Louisville over Wichita State; Duke over Michigan
  • Elite 8 – Louisville over Duke

East Region

I have Michigan State coming out of the East as the No. 4 seed and advancing to the Final Four.

  • Round of 64 – Virginia over Coastal Carolina; Geo Washington over Memphis; Cincinnati over Harvard; Michigan State over Delaware; Providence over North Carolina; Iowa State over NC Central; Connecticut over Saint Joseph’s; Villanova over Milwaukee
  • Round of 32 – Virginia over Geo Washington; Michigan State over Cincinnati; Iowa State over Providence; Connecticut over Villanova
  • Sweet 16 – Michigan State over Virginia; Iowa State over Connecticut
  • Elite 8 – Michigan State over Iowa State

Final Four

I have Michigan State beating Louisville in the National Championship.

  • National Semifinals – Michigan State over Florida; Louisville over Arizona
  • National Championship – Michigan State over Louisville

There you have it.  If you’re checking in post-Thursday; you’ll see what I mean by projecting over predicting.  Here’s to a great three weeks of March Madness!

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