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Preseason Fan Bracket: Opening update

dave1As a fun exercise, 10 followers of Bracketville are participating in the building of a Preseason Fan Bracket using many of the same principles as the actual Selection Committee.  As locations vary, we’re using e-mail to submit ballots and communicate.  Regular updates will be provided via Twitter (@BracketguyDave) and also here at Bracketville.  For those wondering, my opening bracket will be released in early November, along with the s-curve, etc. Other site updates are in progress as well.

Based on initial ballots received … the Fan Committee voted 12 teams into the Field of 68: Arizona, Duke, Florida, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Wichita State, Wisconsin.

Another 60 teams currently reside on the Under Consideration board.  To be eligible for the Under Consideration Board, teams had to appear on at least three (3) of the 10 ballots.  Teams can be added or removed from the Consideration Board if so voted on by the Fan Committee.

As part of the exercise, five conference winners (auto bids) were announced after the initial ballots were received: Harvard, New Mexico State, Coastal Carolina, American, and Arkansas-Pine Bluff (which replaced Alabama State because of ineligibility).  Any teams receiving an automatic bid are removed from the at-large list and consideration board.

More updates as nominations and voting continue.  If all goes well, we may do another fan bracket during the season.  Building interaction is one of my goals.

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