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Turnover: Three new teams join Kentucky atop the bracket

dave1It’s been a volatile week atop the bracket.  As a result, three new teams join Kentucky on the top line: Virginia, Villanova, and Gonzaga.  Wisconsin and Duke now reside on the two-line, with Arizona dropping to the top 3-seed spot.  Kansas and Louisville fill out the top two seeds in each region.

Bracket Projection – January 16

Seed LIst – January 16

We continue to see some odd profiles, which creates interesting seeding debates. Texas is a good example. The Longhorns have lost back-to-back games and three of five, but all to quality opponents.  Early this season, UT looked like a Top 10 team, and there’s enough talent to suggest the Longhorns may return to form.  At the same time, the Longhorn’s currently own one victory (Iowa) or a team in today’s projected field.  Previous wins at Connecticut and over California have waned a bit.  It’s going to be a big week for Texas – in terms of bracket position – they play West Virginia, at TCU, and Kansas in their next three games.

A couple of other quick notes about the bracket:

  • Tulsa and Western Kentucky are in the latest bracket as current conference leaders.  As a result, Wyoming and Alabama are bumped into the First Five Out.  This simulates – at least partially – what can happen as conference tournament play unfolds.  With WKU in the field, Conference USA now has two representatives – Old Dominion becomes an at-large team.
  • There’s not a lot of difference among the final ten teams in and the first ten teams out.  So expect continued turnover in the coming weeks.

Enjoy another great weekend of college hoops.

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