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Bracket: Current bubble is like a revolving door

dave1Welcome to the Revolving Door – otherwise known as this year’s NCAA tournament bubble.  Teams come and go, enter and leave.  It reminds one of Black Friday shoppers, moving in and out of stores at a brisk pace.  They’re in search of a victory with the right shape and size.  Finding those gifts can be elusive, and in the bustle of the moment, they stumble.  Between Monday and today, a variety of teams passed through the bracket.  A few others had the opportunity and missed the gate.  If it gives you a better idea, most teams seeded on the 8-line or lower are a part of the bubble; to varying degrees.  Buckle up, another weekend awaits.

February 13 – Bracket Projection

February 13 – Seed List

What we do have is stability at the top of the bracket.  Kentucky may have used up another of its lives this week, but the Cats survived at Florida.  In search of a perfect season, it’s a good thing UK has nine.  Virginia, Gonzaga, and Duke remain entrenched as top seeds – with Kansas, Wisconsin, Villanova, and Arizona next in line.

There will be 68 teams announced on Selection Sunday.  That much we know.  Which 68?  We have a pretty good idea about 15 to 20 at this point.  After that?  There’s a lot of uncertainty.  It’s shaping up to be a wild Championship Week – one in which the Selection Committee may use (or need) results to separate teams with similar profiles.


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