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Bracketology: Selection Sunday morning update

dave1Here’s your Selection Sunday morning update:

Bracket Seed List

Wisconsin moves into the final No. 1 seed position in the West Region.  The Badgers may need to win the B10 title today to hold it; it’s likely the Selection Committee is building at least two or three brackets today.  Beyond the late Big Ten final, Connecticut can still acquire a bid by winning the American Conference title.  That would force the final at-large team “IN” right now, to be bumped out.  The biggest concern for Virginia is the health of Justin Anderson.  He doesn’t appear to be 100-percent, and that could prompt the Committee to reward Wisconsin with the final No. 1 seed.  It’s also possible that UVA takes Duke’s spot as the regular-season ACC champ.  But it’s hard to argue against the Blue Devils’ road wins at Virginia and at Wisconsin.

As for the bubble, the final seven to nine spots are somewhat of a pick’em.  I’ll be going through them again once or twice today; and making a final plan for what happens if Connecticut wins.  Television won’t allow earlier ending times for games, and the Committee will be under the gun today.  The teams that appear most vulnerable among the final at-large teams: Texas, Colorado State, Boise State, Temple and BYU – along with Indiana, Ole Miss, and LSU, if your so inclined- or even Georgia or Davidson.  You get the picture.

We’ll have a final bracket posted later today.  It’s Selection Sunday.  Enjoy the Madness.

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