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Bracket Bits: SOS trouble for South Carolina?

Dave2015We’ve barely scratched the surface of conference play, but it’s a good time to take a quick peek at some non-conference schedules (rankings).  Here’s why: Selection Sunday is just over two months away, and the non-conference SOS numbers below could spell trouble if any of the teams noted end up near the cut-line.

Not to pick on South Carolina, but the Gamecocks are unbeaten and have captured the nation’s attention – making them a good example. There are certainly things to like about South Carolina’s profile, such as a 6-0 road/neutral record (through Jan. 8). The albatross is an NC SOS ranking of No. 306.  If the Gamecocks perform well enough in the SEC, that number probably ends up being a footnote.  On the other hand, if Frank Martin’s bunch ends up  among a group of teams being considered for a First Four spot in Dayton?  That No. 306 could stick out like a proverbial sore thumb.  Note: NC SOS numbers will continue to update as teams complete their seasons.  Numbers taken from ESPN’s RPI/SOS – through games on January 8, 2016).

Here are some other potential at-large candidates (based on the current seed list) that could be haunted by rather unattractive NC SOS numbers:

  • Houston (338)
  • Akron (336)
  • Northwestern (320)
  • Oklahoma State (312)
  • Southern Illinois (304)
  • UAB (301)
  • Evansville (300)
  • Marquette (283)
  • Florida State (282)
  • Ark-Little Rock (280)
  • Baylor (279)
  • Creighton (277)
  • Ole Miss (254)

Although the teams listed below may have less to worry about – in terms of schedule strength out of conference – here are a few more worth noting:

  • Indiana (226)
  • Seton Hall (219)
  • LSU (218)
  • Saint Mary’s (217)
  • Cincinnati (212)
  • Louisiana Tech (209)

Enjoy your weekend of college hoops.  Waves of movement on the Seed List are likely to continue for a while.


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