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Bracket update: Kansas remains No. 1 overall seed

Dave2015Kansas and Oklahoma delivered on the hype last Monday, offering up an epic, overtime thriller.  Beyond the final score, the game anchored both teams as No. 1 seeds in today’s bracket update.  Honestly, neither was going to move unless they faltered into a two-loss week.  As such, Kansas continues its hold on the Midwest Region, with Oklahoma heading West.  After a tough week for Virginia, Maryland moves into the No. 4 spot on the seed list, anchoring the East Region.  Michigan State remains No.1 in the South.

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As a reference check, today’s bracket features several new teams – thanks to current conference standings.  Come Selection Sunday, the Selection Committee will be working through various scenarios should there be surprise league winners.  As an example, Houston earns the nod today from the American (AAC) today, taking one at-large spot from the field.  The Cougars would not make the field as an at-large team.  This provides a glimpse into the bracketing process.

Remember, too, that seeding remains volatile right now.  In many cases, differences between seed lines is almost non-existent or razor thin.  Case in point, Baylor jumped from the edge of the bracket to an 8-seed by virtue of its huge road win at Iowa State.  My guess is, we’re going to see a large “bubble” develop in the next month, with little separation between several teams.  It could be time to make plans for a stressful, but fun-filled Championship Week.

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