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Bracket Bits: Bubble spots a moving target

Dave2015Imagine trying to shoot a basketball into a moving hoop, one that slides to the right, then quickly left, and then upward.  It would be tough – even for a sharpshooter like Stephen Curry.  If you can picture such a scenario then you can imagine the challenge of deciphering the current bubble picture.

Seed List Update

Purely as an example, we’ll target Virginia Commonwealth (VCU).  Less than a week ago, the Rams were unbeaten in the Atlantic 10.  While a lack of quality non-conference wins remained an issue, VCU was slowly working toward an NCAA bid.  Then came a home loss to George Washington, which at the time helped GW more than it hurt VCU.  Good for the A10, right?  At least until last night when the Rams lost a second straight league game to struggling Massachusetts. In a matter of six days, the Rams dropped enough to earn a spot in the First Four.  Losses happen, even “bad” ones, occasionally.  The point is, the margins between current bubble teams is so thin that a small dent is much more noticeable. If the Selection Committee were convening today, VCU’s best wins would be Saint Joseph’s and St. Bonaventure.  Their best non-league win?  Middle Tennessee (in terms of RPI).  It’s hardly a resume that would allow the Rams to breathe easy.

We’re not picking on the Rams.  I could have selected any of eight or ten teams – maybe twelve; you get the idea.  Teams from seed line 29 and down have work to do.  With such slim differences, expecting the sliding to continue.

Enjoy your weekend of college hoops.

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