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Final Bracket: Enjoy the Madness

Dave2015Our journey is almost complete.  The Madness will be unveiled soon.  We’ll all take a breath and begin picking our upsets, Final Four matchups, and preparing for what should be an exciting tournament.

Bracketology  |   Seed List

Barring an upset in the AAC, here’s one last look at the Field of 68.  There are more questions than answers around the bubble.  Dice up it however you want.  Some combination of Monmouth, Saint Mary’s, South Carolina, Temple, Michigan, Syracuse, San Diego State, Vanderbilt, Florida, and/or Valparaiso will dance.  We might even have a surprise or two.  It’s been that kind of year.

Sometimes it comes back to basics.  Who did you beat?  If that is the ending story, then Syracuse and Michigan hold an advantage over say Saint Mary’s, South Carolina, San Diego State, or even Vanderbilt and Florida.  There aren’t wrong answers, just different ones.  Here’s a final look at our best guess as to those final spots.  Enjoy the Selection Show.

Note: If Memphis wins, I’ll update the last bracket to reflect that.  Of course, it’s so late, we’ll all be ready for the real thing.

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