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Bracket Bits: Results of final bracket …

Dave2015Every year, you take a step back, look things over, and see how well you fared.  After some sleep and a return to somewhat normal life – at least until Thursday afternoon (or maybe Tuesday night) – here are the results of my bracket projection compared to the actual Field of 68 …

  • 66 of 68 teams (34 of 36 at-large) correct
  • 41 teams on their actual seed line
  • 23 additional teams within one line of their actual seed
  • A total of 64 teams either on or within one of their actual seed

Given this year’s landscape, I feel pretty good about how my decisions. In the end, the Committee went back to its bread-and-butter … who did you beat?  And that’s why, in my opinion, that Michigan and Syracuse made the Field.  Sometimes, when the going gets tough – and this year’s bubble was tough – you find a comfort zone, something you trust.  Right or wrong, that’s my takeaway.

The only team I feel disappointed for is Monmouth, and it has nothing to do with me including the Hawks in my final bracket.  Missing a pick isn’t a big deal.  For me, Monmouth did everything this year’s Selection Committee or previous committees asked:  Challenge yourself in the non-conference and generate a valid measure of success.  The Hawks won 13 road games and 17 games away from home.  Granted, they lost a couple of games in conference to sub-200 RPI opponents, and another outside the league.  Teams lose conference games on the road.  Maryland lost at Minnesota, which finished with an RPI of 254.  Syracuse lost at St. John’s (245) in a non-conference game.

Was Monmouth one of this year’s best 36 at-large team?  Reasonable minds can debate that premise.  Were there 36 more deserving teams than Monmouth?  That would be a much tougher argument to make.

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