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Bracket Games: UCLA, Kentucky headline stellar weekend

Dave2015Sunday, the college football Selection Committee will announce its Final Four.  And four is a perfectly good number for college football.  Of course, us college hoops fans (even if we’re college FB fans, too), tend to think on a much grander scale, such as 64, or even 68, because what’s another four teams, right?  That way we can have a First Four and a Final Four.  But I digress.

The good news is that while we won’t be deciding any of those 68 slots this weekend, we will be treated to some superb stocking stuffers.  We’ll start with UCLA visiting Kentucky.  Two blue bloods. Two traditional powers. Two teams meshed with young talent and college stars.  And just for fun, both teams are averaging over 95 points-a-game.  If you like buckets, you might want to check it out.

Here are some other weekend stocking stuffers:

  • Xavier at Baylor
  • West Virginia at Virginia
  • Arizona vs. Gonzaga
  • Oklahoma State at Maryland

We also have a few other nice surprises in the stocking:

  • Stanford at Kansas
  • Rhode Island at Providence
  • BYU vs. USC
  • Vanderbilt vs. Minnesota
  • Oklahoma at Wisconsin

There’s even a few under-the-radar goodies:

  • UCF at Massachusetts
  • Arkansas State at TCU
  • Auburn at UAB
  • Memphis at Ole Miss
  • Akron at Creighton
  • Illinois vs. VCU

Thinking in “Bracket” terms,  Oklahoma State-Maryland, Stanford-Kansas, Vanderbilt-Minnesota, BYU-USC, and Rhode Island-Providence could be the most significant.  Quality non-conference wins always help resumes, whether for selection or seeding.  It’s not that Xavier-Baylor, for example, isn’t important.  But based upon what we’ve seen so far, both the Musketeers and the Bears look like solid upper-tier NCAA teams.  And just so we’re clear, Stanford at Kansas is a great opportunity for the Cardinal.  The Jayhawks are a pretty safe tournament pick, I think.

Enjoy your weekend.  Our first in-season bracket will be arriving soon, along with another full Seed List update.

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