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Seed List update: Kentucky leads Field

Dave2015Our eyes tell us that Kentucky is pretty good.  True, the schedule hasn’t exactly been stubborn.  UK’s best win – by far – is a dominant performance over a Michigan State team that has struggled against a tough gauntlet of early games.  The next three weeks will clear up and/or answer questions about just how good the Wildcats are heading into SEC play.  UK hosts UCLA today, then gets Valparaiso, North Carolina, and Louisville (at the KFC Yum! Center).  If Big Blue is still undefeated, they’ll likely enter 2017 as the No. 1 overall seed.

Seed List update

Elsewhere, Baylor continues its assent up the newest Seed List (December 3).  One could easily make the Bears a Top 4 seed right now, with victories over VCU, Michigan State, Louisville, and Oregon (even without Dillon Brooks).  But we’re still early in the process, so the Seed List remains a balancing act of what we’ve seen versus what we still expect versus schedules, etc.  You get the idea.  Kentucky’s profile – as of this morning – would be way behind Baylor’s.  Should Baylor be No. 1 overall right now, ahead of say, even Villanova?  Those are all fun debates.

With a huge Saturday (Dec. 4) of hoops on tap, the ebb and flow of the Seed List will continue forward.  If all goes to plan, look for the first in-season bracket on Monday.  Seed climbers in this edition include … Ohio State, USC, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Stanford, and Temple.  Pittsburgh’s loss to Duquesne last night bumped the Panthers down a few notches, that after a big win at Maryland.  Such is life in college hoops.


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