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Bracketology: Bears, Bruins join top line

Dave2015We’re almost a month into the 2016-17 college basketball season.  In other words, it time for our first in-season bracket projection.  While data can still be unreliable (obviously), at least we have some results to work with.  And on that note, two new names have joined the No. 1 seed line – Baylor and UCLA.  Villanova and Kansas remain from the preseason edition with one exception … the defending champs are now No. 1 overall.

Bracket Projection    |    Seed List

The Baylor Bears have arguably put together the nation’s best resume to date.  Then there’s UCLA’s stellar road win at Kentucky, a feat that may not be repeated this season.  We also pause to recognize West Virginia’s road victory at UVA.  Kudos to the Mountaineers.  Those types of victories carry weight, now and well into March.

Here are a couple of quick reminders about early December brackets:

  • There remains very small differences between seed lines and seed list lines.
  • There remains a balance between on-court results versus schedule played.
  • Some teams have played good schedules; others not so much.
  • Statistical metrics are cautionary; data points remain few.
  • Balance win/loss results and try not over-emphasis one or the other in a vacuum.

Final notes … a couple of oddities caused both play-in games to be slotted on the 11-seed line.  Two games are designated to go to Thursday-Saturday sites; two games to Friday-Sunday sites.  Given the predetermined dates, there was no way (in this bracket) to keep both on the 12-line, or work one each way.  Those are minor little things that happen.

Enjoy your week of hoops.

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