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Bracketology: UK, FSU pushing for No. 1 seeds

Dave2015Although this week’s No. 1 seeds remain intact, Kentucky and Florida State are pushing for slots on the top line of the bracket.  One could make the case for dropping Baylor after the Bears’ loss at West Virginia, but the seed list doesn’t always work the same as a poll.  Baylor’s resume is still quite strong, and a lone loss in Morgantown doesn’t change that – much the same as Villanova’s loss at Butler last week didn’t drop the Wildcats from the overall No. 1 seed position.  That said, resumes are still very much a recurring work in progress.

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It’s no surprise that the cutline is quite fluid.  With another full slate of games tonight, the bottom of the bracket might look different if we updated it again tomorrow.  The process slows in mid-February and resumes become more complete.

As a reminder, conference champions are determined by league standings until Championship Week.  In the event of a tie in the loss column, the automatic bid for the bracket is awarded to the team with the best RPI at the time of publication.  To an extent, this helps simulate some variances that occur in the process.  

For example, Illinois State and Wichita State are both unbeaten (5-0) in the Missouri Valley.  Largely due to non-conference schedule strength, Illinois State’s RPI is distinctly better than Wichita State’s this morning.  Thus, ISU earns the auto bid from the Valley (similar to what might happen in a league tournament, per se).  As a result, Wichita State joins the at-large pool for consideration.  It’s also why Florida is listed as the auto bid instead of Kentucky.

Enjoy another busy weekend of college hoops.

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