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Quick Takes: Big day for Bubble teams

Dave2015It’s an especially big day for Bubble teams: Syracuse, Wake Forest, and Clemson take the floor at the ACC tourney in Brooklyn.  It’s also the day when California and USC open Pac-12 tournament play, and Xavier gets a renewed matchup with DePaul in the opening round of the Big East.

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Then there’s Illinois State.  The Redbirds must sit and watch as action around them continues. Tomorrow, Illinois and Iowa try to make a final push at the Big Ten tourney. Friday, Rhode Island opens A-10 play.  It’s a worthy reminder than none of these games occur in a vacuum.  Each result has to be measured in context.

A couple of Quick Takes …

  • California has to beat Oregon State.  It’s hard to imagine the Bears remaining in play with a 250ish RPI loss. They have only one Top 50 win and 4 Top 100’s.
  • Can USC absorb a loss to Washington?  Perhaps, but if it comes down to the Trojans and someone else, they would give the Committee a reason to leave them out.
  • Xavier is one of this year’s more fascinating cases.  Injuries and missed games have certainly affected the Musketeers.  Even if they’ve earned some leeway, adding a late-season loss to DePaul wouldn’t look good.
  • As noted yesterday, Syracuse is 2-10 away from the Carrier Dome this season. How will the Committee weigh that against six (6) Top 50 wins at home (one of which is Monmouth)?  Adding a neutral-court win over Miami would really help.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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