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Preseason: Familiar names top Seed List

Dave2015As we embark on another journey toward Selection Sunday, our preseason leader in the clubhouse is … Arizona.  Despite some off-season turmoil, the Wildcats have their sights set on a Final Four appearance in San Antonio.  Who joins them as projected No. 1 seeds? How about these Blue Bloods: Duke, Michigan State, and Kansas.

Preseason Seed List

You can debate the order.  Some prefer Duke or Michigan State in first place.  Solid cases can be made for both.  As for the Jayhawks, they keep reloading, favored to win yet another Big 12 crown.  Will all four reach the Final Four?  History suggests otherwise.  There are simply too many variables, especially during a one-and-done tournament.  But each team has the roster, coaching, and cache to make the final weekend of college hoops.

After the frontrunners, opinions widen.  Kentucky is again young, but immensely talented.  Villanova remains strong.  Louisville sets course with a new coach.  Defending champ North Carolina has questions along its front line.  Then there’s a pair of contenders from the Sunshine State in Miami and Florida.  Lest we forget about the newest member of the American Conference, Wichita State, which returns a host of talent from last year’s 31-win team. And what about a USC squad that could easily challenge for a Pac-12 crown?

Honestly, the more challenging part of the Seed List involves ranking a large group of anticipated middle-of-the-pack teams without having any results.  We could spend hours, if not days, for example, debating how the Big Ten will play out.  And that’s just one of many up-in-the-air conference races.

The good news is that we’ll soon have wins and losses to work with.  We’ll guess less and evaluate more.  Let the games begin.

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