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Quick Takes: Minnesota-Bama and PK-80 showdowns

Dave2015Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Minnesota found itself playing five on three (yes, 5 on 3) to close out its game against Alabama.  And nearly found a way to lose its lead.  You’ve probably seen video and read the story, but if not, read and watch more here (per ESPN).  Crimson Tide freshman Collin Sexton scored 40 points and got ‘Bama within three before the final margin (89-84) was etched in the books. Crazy.  I’ve seen a triangle-and-two defense before; not sure I’ve ever seen a triangle-and-none.

Somewhere down the road, the Selection Committee might be reviewing game results and come across this interesting twist.  Minnesota earned a neutral-court win; Alabama a close loss.  But the final score doesn’t tell the story.  Chance are, this will be a game neither team needs to make the NCAA tournament.  Could it affect seed line?  It may never come up, but if it does, it would be fun to be a fly on the wall in the Committee room.

Other Quick Takes for Sunday:

  • Showdowns at the PK-80 event take center stage.  Based on the updated Seed List (Saturday morning), we get No. 1 Duke vs. No. 6 Florida and No. 2 Michigan State vs. No. 5 North Carolina.  The winners end up with a really nice trophy to put on their post-season resumes.
  • Also in Portland, we get to see Butler take on Ohio State – which means the Bulldogs face former coach Chris Holtmann: “Not ideal” in the words of Holtmann, yet perfectly ideal for fans of college hoops.
  • And we get to watch Texas vs. Gonzaga.  Those who thought Gonzaga might take a big step back after last season didn’t see the Bulldogs battle Florida into overtime.
  • There’s these PK-80 Bracket Games, too, in case you weren’t satisfied: Oklahoma vs. Oregon and Arkansas vs. Connecticut.
  • With all those headliners, it would be easy to overlook Texas AM at USC and Washington State vs. San Diego State.  WSU is 5-0 after upsetting Saint Mary’s.
  • Back to Saturday night, TCU edged St. Bonaventure in Niceville, FL.  Been a bit of an early roller-coaster for the Bonnies, who opened their season with a surprising loss to Niagara before beating Maryland on Friday.

Enjoy the last bites of your Thanksgiving leftovers today, along with some great hoops on the West Coast tonight.

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