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Off-season Update: Who’s staying, who’s going?

Dave2015Congratulations to the Villanova Wildcats, winners of the 2018 National Championship.  After a wild ride – both during the season and during the tournament – the best overall team arguably won.  Villanova was consistently good from start to finish.

Now, the off-season arrives, and with it, a handful of questions.  While bracket projects are always fun, I’ve found that mid-April updates tend to be futile.  Until we know who is staying, who is going, who is transferring, who will be eligible, who will have new coaches, and where the final high school athletes will land, there are simply too many moving parts.   Let’s start with two of those …

Which players stay or return for another college season?

You can track this at any number of locations. The early dilemma centers around borderline prospects; those who slip beyond the so-called “lottery” of the NBA Draft.  With only two rounds, and even less guaranteed roster spots, a player’s track to an NBA career is littered with potholes and slippery slopes.  Keep an particularly close eye on those who have made themselves available for the NBA Draft but who haven’t hired an agent or run out of eligibility.  Whether those players end up staying in the draft or returning can have a huge impact on a team’s outlook next season.

Where will transfers end up?

Recruiting classes aside, every year a significant number of players change teams.  Some have to sit out a year; others – particularly from junior college programs and/or graduates – can be eligible immediately.  While these players may not be stars, they often help weld programs together for a year or two.  These transfers can happen early, over the summer, or even into early fall.

We’ll know more once the deadline for the NBA Draft passes.  That said, Villanova, Kansas, and Duke, in particular, look like early front-runners for No. 1 seeds come preseason bracket time in November.

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