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Quick Takes: Duke dominates, Buckeyes happy in ‘Nati

Dave2015With the 2018-19 college basketball season underway, it’s time to bring back Quick Takes.  So let’s get to it …

Duke dominated Kentucky in Indianapolis on opening night, sending a few shockwaves though the college hoops world along the way.  That said, let’s reign in the talk of an undefeated season.  The Blue Devils still have a host of worthy non-conference opponents in front of them, not to mention some tricky road trips through the Atlantic Coast Conference.  Does Duke look like a title contender? Absolutely.  Are they unbeatable?  That’s a question better reserved for February or March.

Kansas looked pretty good, too, mind you.  As did Michigan State – particularly in the second half.  KU get’s the benefit of an early resume boost, but nothing else changed.  Both teams looked the part of being high seeds come Selection Sunday.

Then there’s Florida State.  Lost in Tuesday’s Blue Devil craze, the Seminoles kicked rival Florida to the curb with surprising ease.  Whether that says more about the Seminoles or the Gators remains to be seen.  I’d lean toward FSU right now.

In other headlines …
Ohio State grabbed an under-the-radar road win at Cincinnati.  The victory was especially impressive when you consider two factors: OSU was missing much of its production from last season – and the Bearcats were opening a swanky remodeled arena.  That’s two strikes before you enter the building.  As for UC, the Bearcats made only 27 percent of their field goals.  If that’s a mirage, UC should be fine.  If not, the Bearcats could have a tough road ahead.

Baylor gave up 45 second-half points to Texas Southern and lost to the Tigers in Waco. Safe to say, that’s not the way you want to start your season.

George Mason, a potential sleeper in the A10, dropped a home decision to Penn.  Maybe the Patriots were still asleep.

Wichita State dropped its home opener with Louisiana Tech.  They say things happen in threes, so there you go – three upsets on opening night.

Western Kentucky and BYU missed opportunities on the road.  WKU led at half but fell to Washington.  BYU was even with Nevada at the break but didn’t have the firepower to hold off the talented Wolfpack.  Both WKU and BYU have additional non-conference chances, we’ll see if either (or both) can grab one of those.

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