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Quick Takes: Gonzaga show road mettle

Dave2015Road wins.  The Holy Grail for college hoops teams.

So on this Monday, here’s to Gonzaga, among others.  The Zags exited Omaha on Saturday with a better-than-you-think victory over Creighton.  If the game were a first semester exam, Gonzaga passed with flying colors.  Coming off a Maui championship, and missing a couple of key players, the Zags could easily have let one get away without much fanfare.

Theme in mind, let’s also extend some notable kudos to Louisville, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas Tech.  All four posted true road wins this weekend, too.  You want to separate yourself for selection or seeding in March?  Pile up road victories.

Okay, so maybe the hyperbole is a little strong, but ask Villanova about the challenges of winning on someone else’s floor.  It took a second-half comeback for the Wildcats to beat a winless La Salle squad on Saturday.  Kansas State got Markus Howard(ed) at Marquette, Purdue lost by 19 at Michigan, and Minnesota took an early punch from Ohio State in Columbus and never recovered, losing by 20.  UCF fell at Missouri in overtime.

Need more proof? Butler (at Saint Louis), Oregon (at Houston), Marshall (at Ohio), BYU (at Weber State), Belmont (at Green Bay).

Enjoy another fun week of college hoops and keep your eyes on the road.

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