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Bracket Bits: Five Top 25 NET-rated teams with resume questions

Dave2015As an early-January exercise, it’s worth taking a look inside the resumes of a few highly-regarded teams based on current NET rankings, the updated tool the NCAA Selection Committee has donned for 2019.  I’ve picked five teams from the Top 25 this morning with varying resume questions.  Keep in mind, this isn’t about how “good” the teams might be, but rather about how their Team Sheet stacks up against their NET rating.  Here’s where we ended up …

NC STATE (13-1)
Ratings: NET (No. 11); KenPom (No. 20); BPI (No. 10); SOR (No. 15)
Inside the resume: The first thing that stands out on the Wolfpack’s Team Sheet is nine (9) home wins against Group 4 – meaning their effective record is a meager 4-1.  It’s also the reason why State’s NC SOS is around 340, which if the Pack struggle in ACC play, could give the Committee reason to pause.  The good news is a home win over Auburn and a neutral-court win over Vanderbilt.  Their other wins are Penn State and Miami, neither of which looks like an NCAA team.
Upcoming games: @North Carolina, Pittsburgh, @Wake Forest, @Notre Dame

ST. JOHN’S (13-1)
Ratings: NET (No. 24); KenPom (No. 39); BPI (No. 35); SOR (No. 21)
Inside the resume: The Red Storm have feasted on eight (8) Group 4 teams at home, bringing their effective record to 5-1.  Of those five wins, only Marquette (home) looks like a solid NCAA bet at this point.  The others are VCU, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, and California.  Their overall resume also includes an NC SOS in the mid 230s.
Upcoming games: @Georgetown, @Villanova, DePaul, Creighton

Ratings: NET (No. 12); KenPom (No. 8); BPI (No. 4); SOR (No. 19)
Inside the resume: VT’s best wins are Purdue, Washington, and Notre Dame, three teams that currently reside on the bubble.  They also have six (6) home wins against Group 4 on their Team Sheet, making their effective record 6-1.   Three of those are against the lowest teams on the NET’s ratings, dragging down the Hokies’ NC SOS to around 240. Their loss is to a very average Penn State team.
Upcoming games: Boston College, @Georgia Tech, @Virginia, Wake Forest

Ratings: NET (No. 25); KenPom (No. 23); BPI (No. 20); SOR (No. 31)
Inside the resume: The Bearcats boast six (6) home wins against Group 4 teams, meaning their effective record is 6-2.  Five of their six wins are against Group 3, the best of which are Xavier and UCLA at home.  The plus is a Group 1 win over Ole Miss, although the Rebels are very much a bubble team, which leaves Cincy without an NCAA-level tally on its Team Sheet. The Bearcats are 0-2 against NCAA competition, losing to Ohio State (home) and Mississippi State (road).
Upcoming games: @East Carolina, @Tulsa, Connecticut, South Florida

Ratings: NET (No. 6); KenPom (No. 10); BPI (No. 7); SOR (No. 11)
Inside the resume: It might be odd to find the Red Raiders here, but TTU has split its highest profile games, beating Nebraska and losing to Duke.  The rest?  Well, that’s the crux of the matter.  The Red Raiders’ Team Sheet boasts seven (7) home wins against Group 4, making their effective record a more realistic 5-1.  Of those five wins, only aforementioned Nebraska is a tournament team at this point; the next best are West Virginia, Memphis, and USC.
Upcoming games: Kansas State, Oklahoma, @Texas, Iowa State

Team Sheet information is provided via Warren Nolan’s website.  It’s a great resource for college hoops fans.  There’s a link on the front page at Bracketville. 


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