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Seed List: Conference play will separate teams

Dave2015With conference play underway, we start the process of further separating the haves and have-nots in college hoops.  Don’t get me wrong, non-conference performance matters, as it should – Oklahoma would not have made last year’s NCAA Tournament without an incredible non-conference season (and some might argue they shouldn’t have made it, regardless).  Either way, many teams will make or break their NCAA selection season over the next two months.

Seed List Update

For starters, conference play forces high majors to play true road games in hostile environments.  Secondly, winning away from home is a defining resume trait, for both selection and seeding.

With Kansas’ loss at Iowa State, Virginia moves up to the No. 1 seed line – actually No. 3 overall.  The remaining No. 1 seeds today would be Duke, Michigan, and Tennessee.  We’ll all wait and see how KU adjusts to life without Udoka Azubuike, lost for the season with a hand injury.  Michigan State continues to climb and it looks like it could be an Ann Arbor-East Lansing dual for Big Ten supremacy.

Enjoy tonight’s return of college hoops action.  A new bracket arrives on Thursday.

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