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Bracketology: Five teams, four spots for top line

Dave2015Someone had to be the odd man, i.e. team, out this morning.  Try as I might, there simply wasn’t a way to fit five teams into four slots on the top seed line.  Five teams have deserving resumes, and if you consider Gonzaga, which you should, it’s really six teams for four spots.  Talk about your square pegs in round holes.

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Depending on your choice of metric and resume breakdown, there is no “wrong” order to the five (or six).  If we were in the Selection Committee room, discussions would be eventful.  After several run-throughs, the weekend chaos on the top line (Michigan, Virginia, and Kansas all lost), left Tennessee and Michigan State in the top two positions.  For what it’s worth, being a “projected league champion” for bracket purposes this morning ended up being a factor, too.  The good news:  We still have eight weeks to sort through the process, and usually, these things work themselves out.

Elsewhere, Baylor made the biggest jump.  The Bears have had a good couple of weeks to offset a rocky start. And with a middling group of bubble teams, their four Group 1 wins were enough to push them into the First Four.  Maryland and Iowa continue to climb, as does Purdue, which has recorrected its once ailing course.  We’re still waiting for several teams – such as Auburn and TCU – to match their metrics with their resumes.

Enjoy another busy week.

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