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Bracket Bits: Duke has inside track to East Region

Dave2015Beating Virginia for a second time gives Duke the inside track to the No. 1 Seed in the East Region – and thus a trip through Washington, DC.  The Blue Devils would have to win their opening weekend games to get there, of course, but we’re projecting here.

Saturday, the Selection Committee gave us a preview of their initial Top 16 seeds. Tennessee was 1A with Duke as play began yesterday, and the Volunteers backed up their standing by dispatching Florida in Knoxville.  No surprise, the Vols are just plain good.

Which brings us to No. 3 and No. 4 on the Seed List.  Saturday, those slots belonged, in order, to Virginia and Gonzaga – same as our Seed List.  Had Virginia won, the Cavaliers would likely be looking at the No. 1 Seed in the East Region this morning – or at least one could make a very strong case in their favor.  Saturday’s result changed the trajectory and, potentially, the geography, for both teams.

More than likely, Virginia will hold onto its projected No. 1 seed come Monday’s bracket.  For starters, UVA’s only two losses are to Duke.  Second, the question becomes: Was Kentucky’s win at Mississippi State enough to vault team over the Cavaliers?  My guess this morning would be no, especially considering that Virginia and UK both have losses to Duke.  Kentucky’s just came early and by a much larger margin.  Regardless, with two games left against Tennessee, UK controls its own destiny.

As for Gonzaga, the Bulldogs demolished Saint Mary’s by 48 points.  Perhaps, with the newer NET metric, the Zags wanted to make a statement about their deserved slot on the one-line.  We’ll see.  But if Gonzaga wins out, or perhaps loses only one more game, expect the Bulldogs to be the No. 1 seed in the West.

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