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Quick Takes: Trouble brewing for Texas, TCU

Dave2015There’s no other way to say it … trouble is brewing for Texas and TCU.  If either, or both, want to find themselves in the 2019 NCAA tournament bracket, there’s work to be done.

Let’s start with Texas:
It’s easy to look at the Longhorns’ wins over North Carolina, Purdue, and Kansas (as examples) and forget these two other relevant resume factors … Texas has lost to four (4) non-tournament teams (including 2 Quad 3 – Radford, Providence at home) and is 2-8 in road games.  At 16-14 overall, it’s also time to remember that it’s exceedingly rare for a team that is only two games over. 500 to receive an at-large bid (Georgia did it once with a No. 1 SOS), and 15 is the most losses ever for an at-large bid (Vanderbilt, Alabama). Texas is knocking on both doors.
Where does that leave the Horns? … Texas likely has to win at least two more games to finish 18-15.  And that might not be enough.  Keep in mind, we’re likely to lose an at-large spot or two during Championship Week.

Now for TCU:
The Horned Frogs have a sweep of Iowa State, along with home wins over Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma – all three of which still have work to do.  They are 2-8 vs. Quad 1 teams and 2-7 in true road games.  And they finish up Big 12 play at Texas (ironically) this weekend.  A loss would drop the Frogs to 6-12 in league play.  The Committee would be setting a new precedent for in-league mediocrity by accepting that type of profile.

Additional Quick Takes …

  • Florida is another team teetering more than people might think.  The Gators are basically living off of a road win at LSU.  Their other claims – a home win over Ole Miss and a road win at bubbly Alabama.  The Gators’ team sheet also shows a loss to TCU (above) and Quad 3 losses to South Carolina and Georgia at home. Florida closes with LSU and Kentucky.  If they lose both, they probably need an extended stay in Nashville next week.
  • After getting smoked by hot-shooting Virginia, Syracuse closes with a trip to desperate Clemson.  While the Orange are probably okay given what else is around them, a loss to the Tigers and an early exit at the ACC tourney could make for another restless Selection Sunday.  They, too, have four losses to non-tournament teams.

The Madness is just beginning, folks.  Enjoy the ride!


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