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Bracket Bits: Projection results

Dave2015Another Selection Sunday has passed.  Time to fill out our brackets and wait for the Madness to begin.  Ahead of that, here’s a quick review of how my final projected bracket fared in 2019:

Bracketology Results (2019) …

  • Correctly selected 35/36 at-large teams and 67/68 overall (Belmont was my first team out, but I’m glad the Bruins made it).
  • 42 teams were on the actual seed line.
  • 20 teams were seeded within one line of actual seed.
  • 4 teams were within two lines of actual seed.
  • In all, 62 of 68 teams seeded either on their actual seed line or within one line.
  • Paymon Score (Bracket Matrix) … 347

Overall, I’m pleased with the results, especially given that it was the introductory season for the NCAA’s new NET ratings.  There was no way to predict exactly how the Committee would use their new formula.  As it turned out, the NET served as a more advanced version of the RPI, which, in my opinion, is a good thing.  It’s hard to measure a team’s performance based solely on a mathematical formula.

Mostly, I want to thank everyone who has followed along.  As a fan of college basketball, the best part of the process is talking hoops and debating scenarios.  This year, Bracketville broke new records for visits; it’s very humbling.

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