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Bracketology: Gonzaga latest to lead Field

Dave2015Following recent road wins at Washington and Arizona, the Gonzaga Bulldogs move to the top of the Seed List and hold the No. 1 overall seed in our post-Christmas bracket.  With an earlier win over Oregon also on board, the Zags’ biggest challenges to a No. 1 seed in the West are likely an improved West Coast Conference schedule (most notably BYU and Saint Mary’s) and a very real threat from Oregon, who figures to have more Quad 1/2 wins available in the Pac-12.


The rest of the top line: Ohio State, Kansas, Duke.  Baylor and Oregon are next in line, followed by Louisville and Butler.  The Bulldogs from Indianapolis are tied with Duke for the most wins against Quad 1 teams (4).  Keep this in mind, too: Butler is a one-point road loss at Baylor from potentially being a No. 1 seed this morning.  We’ll see where the Dawgs go from here. The Big East is shaping up to be a monstrous gauntlet.

As we prepare to wrap up 2019 and venture into full-bore conference play, some bracket oddities will likely resolve.  Most notably, the Big East has nine entrants today.   As this is a snapshot of the Field at a moment it time, it works.  And remember, teams earn bids, not conferences.  There are no minimums or maximums established by the Committee. That said, a more realistic number for the Big East is six or seven bids.

We’ve also seen some surprising struggles from teams such as Florida, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina.   We’re only about a third of our way through the season.  Teams will play their way in or out of the conversation over the next two months.

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